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Job seekers could be forced to turn to crime, expert warns
Tue Jul 29 13:31:22 2014
Young job seekers denied unemployment benefits could be forced to turn to crime or sex work to survive, employment services providers have warned.

Wadhwani Foundation’s Upskilling Programme ‘Race to a Job’ Finds Special Mention in Vice President Biden’s Report
Tue Jul 29 12:00:00 2014
Vice President Joseph Biden’s Report – “Ready to Work: Job-Driven Training and American Opportunity” was released on 22nd July 2014 - the same day President Obama signed the Workfo

How To Un-Blind a Blind Job Ad
Tue Jul 29 10:24:00 2014
It's so frustrating to read job ads -- as soon as you see an ad that looks halfway interesting, you read down to the bottom of it to learn that there's no company listed. It's a blind job ad. You have no choice then but to pitch a resume into a faceless Black Hole and wait for a response -- right?

Why your job should make you uncomfortable
Tue Jul 29 09:14:00 2014
Stop thinking that you shouldn’t be uncomfortable and that discomfort is bad or unwanted.

Japan job market tightens as spending recovers
Tue Jul 29 05:26:36 2014
Japan's job market is tightening despite a rise in the unemployment rate, official data showed Tuesday, as consumer spending recovers from April's sales tax hike. Japan hiked its sales tax to 8.0 percent from 5.0 percent on April 1 in a bid to tame the country's massive national debt, one of the heaviest burdens among rich nations. On Tuesday, official data showed that Japan's unemployment rate ...