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Transgender woman says community faces discrimination in job search
Mon Sep 1 15:23:57 2014
Melissa Hudson says 30 years of experience in the Toronto business world hasn't been enough to land her a job, despite numerous call-backs on her resume for first-round interviews. Hudson's difficulties in finding work started after she transitioned from male to female and she blames discrimination for leaving her bankrupt, fighting to keep a roof over her head.

Men outpacing women in job gains
Mon Sep 1 12:05:02 2014
Job growth has accelerated this year, but women are falling behind.

Career advice: Pitfalls to avoid during your job search include not being focused
Mon Sep 1 01:23:09 2014
"Successful careers don't happen by accident." So says New York Times bestselling

Where The Best Job Opportunities Are Now
Sun Aug 31 23:56:20 2014
Looking to make a big career move? Your hottest opportunity might be on Main Street. Small and midsize firms are finally hiring again, according to recent research. The growth among these job creators is good news for people who are in between jobs or tired of what they're doing and looking to [...]

Kai Forbath Wins Redskins Kicking Job
Sat Aug 30 13:36:49 2014
3rd year kicker Kai Forbath beats out rookie kicker Zach Hocker for the job